Zucchini Zest

My garden is literally crawling with zucchini squash!  I’ve been using it in my famous zucchini brownies, in zucchini hummus (see this month’s recipe), salsa, stir-fry, and just-plain raw for munching.  Zucchini is easy to grow and highly nutritious!  The skin is thin and edible…if you like.  The seeds are soft and the flesh has a high water content.   One of the most important nutrients in zucchini is manganese.  Manganese is necessary for your body’s ability to break down and use carbohydrates and protein.  Manganese also activates enzymes that are responsible for your body’s utilization of biotin, thiamin, and choline.  Zucchini contains the antioxidant vitamin C.  All that nutrition and protection and only 36 calories in 1 cup!  If you are going to cook zucchini, it is best prepared al dente.  Cook it just long enough to soften the skin.  (When zucchini is cooked too long, up to 50% of the nutrients can be lost.)   The zucchini should still be bright in color.   Cooking al dente will retain the flavor and nutrition of the squash, while maximizing digestion.  Look for zucchini in your garden….or the local farmer’s market.   Enjoy 🙂

SourceThe World’s Healthiest Foods by George Mateljan


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