Zucchini Hummus

Once again, we have a bumper crop of zucchini squash vining its way around our little garden plot!  I’ve used the zucchini in my famous Zucchini Brownies, in salsa, and stir-fry.  I like to think outside of the Zucchini Bread box 🙂  This past Sunday I needed a gluten-free appetizer for a party.  Well…why not use the zucchini!   I decided to try zucchini hummus.  It’s not as thick and heavy as traditional garbanzo bean hummus, and it makes a great dip for veggies.  It blended easily in the Vita Mix and had a distinct pesto aroma…thanks to the basil!   I hope you enjoy 🙂

Fresh Zucchini Hummus

Ingredients: (Organic whenever possible.)

*2 cups of peeled and chopped zucchini

*2/3 cup of tahini (sesame seed paste)

*1/4 cup of water

*1/4 cup of chopped fresh parsley

*1/4 cup of chopped fresh basil

*2 fresh lemons, juiced

*2 garlic cloves, pressed

*1/2 teaspoon of sea salt


Place all of the ingredients in a food processor or heavy-duty blender.  Puree the ingredients and serve with cut veggies or pita chips.


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