Wheat-free for half a month!

I have been (virtually!) wheat-free for half a month!  The Serenity Sisters have really been making concerted efforts during this challenge.   However……I was eating baked, boneless Buffalo wings with my grandchildren when my husband gently reminded me that the wings had probably been battered with wheat flour!  One of my Serenity Sisters spent the night at her daughter’s house, only to be presented with an egg-bake for breakfast the next morning.  She was so proud of the fact that she declined the toast……but it took her 2 days to realize that there was bread in the egg-bake!  Another Sister’s husband was preparing a box mix of red beans and rice for her.  He noticed wheat flour in the spice mix.  We are all trying to be “good”!

What I really want to talk about today is how I am feeling, and why it may take a while to reap the benefits of being wheat-free.  Truthfully, I am not feeling like “OMG, I’m totally transformed and full of energy!”  I AM, however, feeling less bloated and bogged down.  (Ladies in the audience….you know what I mean!)  My blood sugar seems more stable, and I am thinking more clearly.  I have not felt deprived, nor have I had any cravings for thick slabs of bread.  It’s been rather fun to get creative (in a wheat-free kind of way) with meals and snacks.  Scoot on over to my Recipes page for some simple wheat-free changes.  I do believe that I would realize even more benefits if I chose to remain wheat-free for a long period of time.  Let me tell you why…….

By eliminating wheat, I am really reducing the simple carbohydrates I consume.  I’m not eating bread (which Dr. Davis tells us can really spike the blood sugar…..even the whole grain varieties), cake, pie, cookies, pizza……you get the picture!  I was reading today about hypoglycemia (sudden and/or significant drop in blood sugar) and how it can be healed with a ketogenic diet.   This type of diet restricts carbohydrates so that your body burns stored fat instead of carbs for fuel.  The ideal ketogenic diet is comprised of whole foods (my mantra!) repleat with healthy fats, a moderate amount of protein, and lots of non-starchy veggies.  There is a time lag of several weeks, within my body, from using carbs for fuel and burning fat stores.  Once my body catches up with the program,  I will really notice the benefits of less glucose and less insulin in my bloodstream….which translates into minimal spikes and drops.   I am NOT advocating eliminating carbs…..just a careful evolution into food choices that will optimally nourish my brain, my heart, and the rest of me!   The saga continues……

Source: “Hypoglycemia: Heal with a Ketogenic Diet” by Ellen Davis from Well Being Journal, November/December 2012.

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