Wheat-ectomy in October

A few months ago I read the book Wheat Belly by William Davis (a cardiologist in Wisconsin).  I was so surprised and intriqued by his information about the composition and consequences of today’s wheat that I decided to share his knowledge and theory with my women’s group –the Serenity Sisters.  Dr. Davis has discovered (through observation, personal experience, and research) that today’s wheat is a modified version of wheat from a mere 50 years ago.  This modified wheat, by hybridization and genetic engineering, contains less protein and more of the gluten that triggers Celiac Disease.  It also contains a carbohydrate component that is quickly converted into glucose (blood sugar) and absorbed into the bloodstream.  Elevations in blood glucose lead to high insulin levels in the body…..and that equals  glucose being stored as fat.  So…Dr. Davis firmly believes that modern wheat is a direct culprit leading to fat storage (especially around the waist)……..a.k.a.  Wheat Belly.

I shared information from the book over a period of several weeks.  We had great discussions about the changes in wheat (and changes in many other foods), our personal experiences to limiting wheat, and our addictive reactions to foods made with wheat.

Breads….brownies….rolls…..dumplings……noodles……….wheat is everywhere…….to say nothing of wheat-ish substances in processed foods.  So my dear “sisters” agreed to go completely wheat-free for the month of October…..and then report back regarding how they felt physically, emotionally, and mentally.   We begin today….with a total wheat-ectomy!  We are going to think outside of the bread-box as we feed ourselves and our families.  I will be posting more frequently in the next month to keep you updated and to share HOW we are doing this.  Check out the upcoming RECIPES and NOURISHING NUGGETS on this site for information about cooking and living wheat-free.  Bon Appetit without the wheat!

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