Wednesday at Kripalu!

The day began with a gentle yoga class in the sanctuary.  The building that houses Kripalu (called Shadowbrook) used to be a Jesuit seminary.  The gentle class was a wonderful combination of soothing background music, poses that I had not done in a while, and beautiful poetry read by the instructor.  I got to eat a delish buckwheat pancake for breakfast 🙂  If you really know me, you know I love a good buckwheat pancake!  I should have taken a picture of the stellar spinach salad I had for lunch….a bit of onion, cucumber (different and very good), super-fresh spinach, and turkey bacon.  I added some free-range chicken breast.  Our program really stretched us today….no pun intended!  I held Goddess Pose for 4 minutes.  Now, that may not mean anything to you…..but it took me through a variety of emotions!  We are learning all about the joints, bones, and muscles involved in each pose that we discuss.  We are taking the poses apart, and then putting them back together….improving our skill 🙂  What’s on the schedule for the rest of the day??  …..dinner, Kirtan (chanting and dance), and a massage at 9 PM!

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