The Goodness in Greens

Let’s take a trip down memory lane….back to high school or college biology class.  You’re learning about photosynthesis.  You find out that light from the sun (in the form of electromagnetic energy) is captured by the chlorophyll in green plants.  Mostly red and blue wavelengths are captured.  So why isn’t kale red?  Actually, the color you see in the plant is the color that is NOT absorbed!  So this Light Energy (I love the sound of that!) is captured and reactions begin to take place in the plant.  In the end, that Light Energy (my capitals) is stored in the form of sugar molecules….glucose!   And wouldn’t you know….every living creature on Earth needs glucose in some form!  Not only do the green plants store this glucose (which gifts energy to us), but they also release oxygen in the process.  I know we all know this, but how cool is this whole process!  So the formula goes like this:  carbon dioxide (put off by plants during decomposition) + water + light = oxygen + glucose!   So…my point in all this is that we are literally receiving energy from the sun when we eat our greens!

This story gets even more interesting!  A large number of the sugar molecules, formed during photosynthesis, are scooted down to the roots of the plant.  Hence, the reason for the sweetness in root vegetables!  These sugar molecules also perform an amazing job underground.  They feed the fungi, bacteria, and other microorganisms living down-under.  These little critters thrive on this sugar….and they multiply….and they transform dead material in the soil (plants and animals) into inorganic minerals!  The little hairs on the roots of the plants soak up these minerals when they “drink” from the soil.  And guess who reaps the benefit of these absorbed minerals??  You guessed it…..WE DO!  So the next time you sit down to a dark and leafy green salad…….offer up a bit of gratitude for the Light Energy and mineral-goodness you are about to enjoy 🙂   Green Blessings!


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