The flu got me fired up!

I am a very recent victim of this flu epidemic we are having.  I should have seen it coming….in fact, I did see it coming.  I was exposed (at close range) at a time when my defenses were low.  The holidays were especially busy and stressful this year.  I thoroughly enjoyed everything I did, but I was worn out when the flu came a knockin’.  I was not prepared in body, mind, or spirit 🙁 .  Now I am fired up to build up my body and become VIBRANT again.   That word vibrant came up today as I sat with my business/life coach.  Why settle for just feeling “okay” when we can be VIBRANT?  I truly believe that we can nourish ourselves into vibrant health.  We cannot, however, do this while ingesting the Standard American Diet…..SAD.   Of the daily calories an average American (on this SAD diet) consumes, only 3% are from fruits and only 5% are from vegetables.  The majority of calories come from flour and cereal products, added fats (mostly cooking oils), and added sugars.   We cannot live vibrantly on flour, poor-quality fats, and sugar!   The energy to live life to its fullest comes from quality foods full of energy.  Bring it on!

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