The EGG….the Whole EGG….and Nothing But The EGG!

Eggs are full of nutrients…..they’re versitile…..and they’re inexpensive.  They contain all nine essential amino acids, so they are a complete protein.  They are jam-packed with vitamins and minerals for vision, brain, and heart health.   Yes…I said heart health!   Eggs contain choline (a “vitamin-like” substance) that is necessary for heart and brain function, as well as supporting healthy cell membranes.  Choline is part of a phospholipid (phosphadylcholine) that prevents fat and cholesterol from accumulating in the liver.  Eggs and cholesterol have been dirty words, but in actuality the components of the WHOLE egg prevent the build-up of cholesterol and fat.  The before-damned egg yolk is the only part of the egg containing choline!  Phosphadylcholine is literally the building-block of cell membranes…..keeping them flexible and strong.    Healthy cell membranes…..healthy cells……healthy body 🙂   And guess what…..choline is also necessary for the manufacture of acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter in the body.  Acetylcholine is vital for memory and thought.  Eggs also contain lutein and zeaxanthin for eye health.  Cooking eggs still in the shell (soft-cooked, hard-boiled) is a healthier choice, as the cholesterol in the yolks  is not exposed to oxygen and oxidation.  Be a “good egg” and be good to your body with WHOLE EGGS!

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