The Blendin’ of the Greens

No….I am not Irish….or Scottish 🙂    I have, however, recently been exploring the world of green drinks!  I have greens of some kind everyday… a salad….on a wrap….in my protein breakfast smoothie….steamed up with garlic and pine nuts…..   I could go on and on.  But I had not made a habit of having a devoted green drink every day.  I have done some juicing in the past, but these new drinks are blended.  I didn’t want just the juice of the veggies and fruits, I wanted as much of the whole food as possible.  So I started simple with a raw kale and mango drink.  It’s so easy!  I am blessed to have a wonderful Vita Mix blender.  I believe that any heavy duty blender would do the job….or maybe one of those Nutri Bullets that has been advertised on TV.  I’m usually anti-infomercial, but David Wolfe (spokesperson for the Nutri Bullet) is knowledgeable and “walks the talk”.  He’s an expert on the raw foods lifestyle.  So find yourself a reliable blender and start blending some greens.  You’re going to break down the fibers in the veggies and fruits…..releasing enzymatic activity and setting free nutrients!  The fruit neutralizes the sometimes strong flavors of the greens.  Be sure to drink your greens immediately after blending!  Green drinks are alkalinizing to your system….balancing out the highly acidic Standard American Diet (SAD).  Head on over to my recipes page for some green inspiration.  You may also want to check out Green for Life and Green Smoothie Revolution by Victoria Boutenko.

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