SAD (Standard American Diet) Observations

I feel compelled to discuss some harsh realities about nutrition in our country.  I usually like to keep things light and inspirational, but I’m going to blog pretty seriously today.

I had to do some food shopping today in three different stores.  I observed many people filling their carts with sub-quality food….lots of processed, packaged items…cheap white bread products….meat full of chemicals.  I hesitate to even call it “food”.  I believe that many people do not know how deleterious these items are to their health.  I believe that many people don’t think they can “afford” better food.  I believe many people really don’t care what they are eating….it tastes good to them, it’s quick and easy….end of story.  I also believe that many people are confused…vegetarian, vegan, Paleo diet, low-fat, low-carb, high-protein, plant-based….????   I’ve spent decades studying, and experimenting with, a variety of diets/philosophies.  I would read a book and agree with the author, wanting to jump on board 100%.  But then I would read another book (by another author) and agree with him/her as well.  Through the years I developed my own philosophy.  It’s based in part on research; but it’s also based on common-sense and balance.  It’s based on the fact that you and I are not completely alike.  We have different genes…we live in different environments….we have different constitutions.  It’s based on the crazy idea that we are designed to eat REAL FOOD!!  I promote a WHOLE FOODS diet….full of food that is as close to its natural state as possible.  I promote high-quality food (organic or the next best thing).  I believe that until we stop dumping poor-quality food and “food-like” items into our bodies, we will continue our decent into rampant, chronic degenerative diseases.  Is some of my food vegetarian or vegan?  Yes.  Is some of my food high-quality animal protein?  Yes.  Is some of my food low-fat?  Yes…the beans, quinoa, and leafy greens I eat are low-fat.  (I do not eat, nor advise the consumption of, low-fat dairy or packaged “low-fat” items.)  Is my diet plant-based?  Yes….and I’m making a commitment to make it even more so 🙂   Nourishment from food does not need to be complicated, but it does need to be clean and real and of high-quality.  We all need to know what food our food ate!  That advice includes how our plant foods are fed and grown.  This IS how we prevent and reverse disease.  We need to focus on being well….optimally well.   I am determined to teach people how to do this!

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