My Thoughts on “Making Do”

I am in the middle of preparing food to take over to my oldest daughter’s in-laws.  They have invited us over to celebrate Father’s Day!  I’ve got a strawberry-rhubarb crisp in the oven, and I’m about ready to put together a cold quinoa salad with green onions, almond slices, dried cranberries, and an apricot/honey vinaigrette.  I had rhubarb in the freezer, so I pulled that out to thaw yesterday.  I needed 4 cups of the rhubarb (according to the recipe), but it turned out that I had less.  I did have enough strawberries to make up the difference in volume of fruit.  I “made do”.  Now, this is not the same kind of “making do” that my dad had to contend with when he was growing up.  I bring him up because it IS Father’s Day.  I no longer have my dad (in this physical world) to buy a gift for, but I am thinking of him today and wishing him a blessed Father’s Day.  He was a child during the depression, and then he went on to serve his country in the Navy during WW II.  He grew up in a large family with limited resources.  If he wanted something for himself, he had to go out and earn the money for it.  I have a memory of my dad eating pudding out of a dessert bowl.  He would scrape and scrape the bowl to get every last bit.  When you’re a hungry, growing boy and there isn’t much food to go around, you don’t waste anything….and you don’t complain about what is put in front of you.  My husband and I have been raiding the fridge and freezer lately, using up food that has been waiting there too long.  I might have a taste for something else, but I’m trying NOT to waste….or spend more money when I really don’t need to.  I has been amazing!  Our weekly grocery bill has dropped significantly.  I realize that, eventually, we will run out of what has been stock-piled.  But until then, we are “making do”….using what we have….and getting mighty creative in the process.   What to have with chicken breasts?  Pasta in the pantry, salad dressing, and cut-up veggies leftover from my camping trip with my daughter and grandchildren.  There is always SOMETHING around to combine into a meal.  We are all so lucky to have SO MUCH!  And if you know of someone who isn’t as blessed as you are…..share a meal with them!  HAPPY FATHER’S DAY 🙂

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