Land of Goshen

Happy Thursday!  I want this blog to be a peek into the NOURISHING aspects of my life….family, friends, food, movement, nature, music, time alone….whatever “feeds” my soul.  Today I drove to Goshen, Indiana to eat and relax at one of my favorite coffee houses–Electric Brew.  I don’t even like coffee, but I go there for fresh food and the atmosphere of the fine old building.  The choices are few in number, but they are always tasty.  I ordered a salad with greens and crunchy veggies, along with a chicken, potato, and corn soup.  I opted for their chunky homemade oatmeal bread and only ate half of what I was served.  (I’m working toward eliminating wheat temporarily, as I’ve just finished reading the book Wheat Belly….it’s a bit of an experiment…..more about that later!)  Back to the Brew…..I love to watch the people coming and going.  Goshen is a college town, so there are always students and professors busy in study or conversation.  It’s a place for moms and babies, business people on their lunch break, and visitors from out of town like myself.  After lunch, I HAD to do some shopping at Maple City Market!  I’ll leave that description for another day.  Farewell, Goshen….for now.

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