Green Drink Inspiration

Here are a few ideas for blending up some green drinks!  You can always experiment on your own.  How can you go wrong?   Take some fresh, organic greens of choice and add them to an appropriate fruit of choice.  Add some pure water, blend, and drink!  Here are some tips for green drinking….

*Rotate the greens and fruit you use.  Green plants have alkaloid compounds that discourage foraging animals from “wiping out” the plant.  Alkaloids can be poisonous in VERY large quantities.  By rotating your greens (kale this week, spinach next week, Swiss chard after that) you avoid any dangers.

*Enjoy your green drink immediately after blending for maximum nutrition.

Basic Balance Green Drink

Combine 1 peeled and cut-up mango, 1 cup of chopped kale, and 1 cup of pure water in a quality blender.  Blend and enjoy this bright green beauty!  Yield: 1 quart

Just Peachy Green Drink

Combine 3 peeled and cut-up peaches, 1 head of butter lettuce, 1/2 pint of raspberries, and 2 cups of pure water in a quality blender.  Blend for a peach and berry taste festival!

Source: Green Smoothie Revolution by Victoria Boutenko


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