Eating Our Way to Kripalu!

Well, Teri Dobson and I arrived at Kripalu yesterday right before dinner!  We ate, nested a little in our room, and then went to the orientation for our program.  We took two days to drive here, and I had packed food for the trip that lasted us both days.  We stayed in a hotel on Saturday night that had a fridge, so we were able to keep our goodies cold for the next day.  I made chicken salad with almonds, cranberries, green onion, and celery.  The dressing was mayonnaise-free and made with plain yogurt, tamari, sea salt, curry powder, and lemon juice.  I also brought hummus, homemade pita chips, and some apricot almond bars.  It was my first time making the bars, and they need some tweaking and work 🙂  We were quite the sight at the service centers along the turnpike…..spreading out our tablecloth and pulling out our delectables from the insulated pull-along cooler bag….while everyone else around us was eating “McDelectables”.  Ha! Ha!  We did have some people comment wistfully that they wished they were eating our lunch.  But now we are here at Kripalu eating fresh, whole, organic fare that we don’t have to cook 🙂  We’ll dine on the best and save our energy for yoga 🙂

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