Fall, Food, and Family

Hello to everyone!  I haven’t blogged in quite some time.  The last couple of months have been crazy busy, but good.  My 85 (almost 86) year-old mother sold her home and bought a condo just one block from ours.  She is all settled in…. and her cat Chloe is acclimated to the new digs.  One of the reasons I wanted her close (and not 30 minutes away) was the chance for spontaneous meals together.  Tonight was a prime example.  It rained steadily all day, ending in late afternoon.  Then the sun came out.  It ended up being a lovely fall evening.  My husband was thrilled that he would be able to grill the pork tenderloin for supper.  He had plans to sauté onion, garlic, mushrooms, and poblano peppers.  I put together a butternut squash and apple casserole, as  well as a pan of seasoned Brussels sprouts.  Then….why not call mom to join us for dinner?!  I caught her before she had eaten, and she was thrilled to walk over for dinner.  We enjoyed a scrumptious fall supper and good conversation.  After the dishes were done, I walked her home.  THIS is the very kind of Sunday evening that I had envisioned when I was encouraging my mother to sell her house and move closer.  Quality food shared with family nourishes us in so many ways.  Our bodies are made stronger and our hearts are warmed.  I urge you to make time for home cooked food shared with family and friends!

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