Clear the Clutter….

I was recently surprised with a new book from a wonderful friend!  It is called Your Spacious Self: Clear the Clutter and Discover Who You Are by Stephanie Bennett Vogt.  In a nutshell, it is about combining the ancient wisdom of space clearing with the more-modern wisdom of clutter clearing in order to create a spaciousness of body, mind, and spirit.  Space clearing is part of the art of feng shui, and its purpose is to clear and revitalize energies in buildings (spaces).  “Stuck” energies can be cleared through ceremonial activities, such as clapping and belling.  Clutter clearing is done to prepare for space clearing.  Through the process of clutter clearing, one may clear mental, emotional, and spiritual clutter as the physical “stuff” is removed.  Think about that…..haven’t you ever done something as simple as cleaning out a drawer….and your mind and spirit were lifted?   Well…here’s my segway to nutrition……

You may feel that your diet is “cluttered” with foods your body does not need or want.  You may feel that your fridge and pantry are literally cluttered with food options that do not truly nourish you.  Your mind may be “cluttered” and overwhelmed by the tasks of planning, shopping, and preparing meals.  My advice for you today would be to breathe, slow down, and begin with baby steps.  No matter what kind of tangible or sensed clutter….start simply.  Eliminate ONE food from your diet that you know in your heart is not nourishing you.  Remove ONE item from the pantry that is the MOST processed.  Plan ONE SIMPLE NOURISHING MEAL….and then thoroughly enjoy the process of preparing and eating it 🙂

I have not finished the book yet, but I am anxious to discover the route to my most spacious self.  I plan to enjoy the journey!


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