A Spring Walk Sweeter Than Dessert

After a superb supper (that included Swiss chard, edamame, and sweet potato fries), I   went for a walk in my subdivision.  Finally, it was warm enough to go without my winter coat, gloves, and earmuffs!  Winter has taken forever to leave town here in northern Indiana.  I decided to consciously pay attention to the outdoor sounds as I walked in the early evening sunlight.  I heard a variety of birdsongs coming from the trees in the yards I passed.  Not knowing their languages, I can only guess they were saying: “It’s about time for warmth and sunshine!”  Several robins with puffed-out chests were literally hopping across the still-dormant grass.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something flash around a house.  It was a fat bunny with a huge white tail.  A father was walking with two small dogs on leashes and his two-year-old son.  An elderly neighbor was taking his bike out for the first time this year.   Everything I heard and saw said: “Alive!”   Nourishment takes many forms.  We need to eat, drink, breathe, and move.  Tonight I needed the nourishment of the sounds of Spring…sounds sweeter than dessert 🙂

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