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Food choices can be so confusing. You may be asking...
"What foods are truly nutritious?" "What are the best foods for me?"
"How do I make this all work in my life?"

NOURISH is here for you!
Lori Fozo, Nutrition Consultant and educator, created NOURISH to support and inspire you on your nutrition journey. 

NOURISH provides customized nutrition & healthy lifestyle education & support for individuals and groups. Whole foods, which are as close to their natural state as possible, are the foundation of the NOURISH nutrition philosophy.

Mission Statement

NOURISH is devoted to making a healthy difference in each client's life through positive nutrition and lifestyle education, guidance, support, and inspiration.  Each client is honored as a unique individual through specifically-tailored educational materials, tools, and activities.   NOURISH believes that balance within one's body, and in one's life, can be achieved through quality whole foods, quality supplements, and healthy lifestyle habits.